Company Profile

Our Company was originally incorporated as Suyog Telematics Private Limited on July 28, 1995, under the Companies Act, bearing Registration No. 091107 having its Registered Office in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Subsequently, pursuant to Shareholder’s Resolution dated 2nd March, 2013, it was converted into Public Limited Company and the name was changed to “Suyog Telematics Limited”. A fresh Certificate of Incorporation consequent to change of name as a result of conversion to a public limited company was issued on July 27, 2013 by the Registrar of Companies, Mumbai, Maharashtra. Now an ISO 9001:2008 certified Company, We are a growing passive telecommunication infrastructure provider in India, engaged primarily in the business of installing and commissioning of Poles, Towers and Optical Fibre Cable (“OFC”) Systems in India. “Passive infrastructure” refers to the telecommunication towers for wireless telecommunication services and “OFC” is used for the purpose of hosting and assisting in the operation of the active infrastructure used for transmitting telecommunications signals or transporting voice and data traffic. Our business is to build, own and operate telecommunication Poles, Towers (particularly Roof-top towers), OFC systems and related assets and to provide these passive infrastructure assets on a shared basis to wireless and other communications service providers. These customers use the space on our telecommunication towers to install active communication-related equipment to operate their wireless communications networks. We also offer services to Telecom Operators in installing Telecom Infrastructure on job work basis. We are registered as Infrastructure Provider Category-I (IP-I) with DoT (Department of Telecommunications). With our high quality, cost-effective and time bound services, we have also gained a good presence in the Telecom Industry as a TSP Vendor. We have provided a number of Poles and Infrastructure on lease over various areas in and around Maharashtra and Uttarakhand and have also installed BTS equipments on poles for most of the leading Mobile Service Providers in India, including, Bharti Airtel Ltd., Vodafone Essar Ltd., Idea Cellular Ltd., and TTML. Having been in the business of civil construction for over 2 decades, our group has completed installation of more than 200 Poles for various TSPs and about 10,000 Roof-Top Towers for BSNL on job work basis. As on June 30, 2013, our fully completed owned portfolio of passive infrastructure consists of 301 Poles in and around Mumbai and 81 towers in and around Maharashtra and Uttarakhand. In addition, we have our own optical fiber cable network of about 150 km in and around Mumbai. We intend to capitalize upon what we believe to be emerging trends within the Indian telecommunications industry towards passive infrastructure sharing. We propose to increase our geographical presence across other niche locations in India by further augmenting our Passive Infrastructure Portfolio by installation of additional Roof Top Towers and new Ground Based Poles.