Fiber Optic Network Solution

Our company specializes in innovative solutions which are different from the existing tower sharing concept. We play host to telecom service providers by acquiring and deploying greener pole sites or the traditional RTT sites. Thus our company provides services in terms of infrastructure provisioning for Poles, Towers and Optical Fibre to Telecom Operators in niche areas. We have set up our own optical fiber cable network of about 150 km from Thane Ghodbunder Road to Kalamboli. The main benefits of OFC are exceptionally low loss, allowing longer distances between amplifiers and repeaters, and inherently high data-carrying capacity. For example, several thousand electrical links can replace a single high bandwidth fibre cable. In addition, OFC does not require line of sight, a common constraint for microwave networks. In addition, our OFC network fibre has been laid in ducts intended to provide added protection and to allow us to lay more fibre as demand increases. We have provisioned extra ducts throughout our OFC network, with the majority of our OFC network having been laid with eight ducts. The average age of our ducts is thirty years, and the expected life span of such ducts is approximately ten years. Our OFC network is laid about one meter below the ground for protection against natural elements and human intervention. Our critical information technology systems are designed to allow us to monitor the performance of our OFC network on a real-time basis in order to enable us to respond quickly to network problems.